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Teacher Licensure Programs

Preparing the next generation of teacher educators for the state!

Here at the College of education, our teacher preparation programs are all State Approved Teacher Education Programs (SATEP) which is needed in order to be considered 'Highly Qualified' in the state through the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB).

In order to determine which program(s) fit your interests, please consider the following:

  • Licensure Level
    • Early Childhood (Preschool-3rd Grade)
    • Elementary (Kindergarten-6th Grade)
    • Secondary (Middle and High School)

Almost all of our programs are licensure level specific, therefore knowing which level you want to teach will help you narrow down your options. 

  • Content Area/Specialization
    • Secondary requires you to choose a content area to teach in. Content areas available may differ according to program. 
    • Special Education opportunities are available at all licensure levels. Due to teacher shortages in this area, many funding opportunities are available to those that are interested in working with this population of students. 
    • Hawaiian Language Immersion certification is a K-12 designation that will prepare you to teach in Hawaiian Language Immersion schools. Applicants are required to demonstrate fluency in Hawaiian Language.
    • Multi-Language Learner certification is offered at the Bachelor's and Post Baccalaureate Certificate level for those that would like to teach students learning English as a second language. 
  • Additional Considerations
    • Program Format: All our initial licensure programs require that you are living in the state of Hawai'i throughout the entire program. Some programs are campus-based which requires residency on Oahu. Some programs are statewide, meaning they are accessible to take from any island in the state. 
    • Time Commitment: Degree programs are full-time commitments, while our Post Baccalaureate Certificate options are considered part-time programs.
    • Start Date: A majority of our programs enroll for the Fall semester. Based on when you want to start, some programs may not be available. 

Need help figuring out which program is right for you? Answer a few simple questions to get started toward the right teacher licensure program: